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Program Content


Level Beginner 1 Beginner 2 Intermediate 1 Intermediate 2 Advanced 1 Advanced 2

Korea Korean

Level 1

「고려대 한국어 1」

Korea Korean

Level 2

「고려대 한국어 2」

Korea Korean

Level 3

「고려대 한국어 3」

Fun Fun Korean

Level 4

「재미있는 한국어 4」

Fun Fun Korean

Level 5

「재미있는 한국어 5」

Fun Fun Korean

Level 6

「재미있는 한국어 6」



Learn about 4~5 units for 3 weeks.

The course progress may vary depending on the Korean level of assigned class.

Learn about 3~4 units for 3 weeks.

The course progress may vary depending on the Korean level of assigned class.


Contents and Activities


Beginner 1
Unit Unit Name Vocabulary Grammar
1 Greetings



저는 [명사] 이에요/에요

2 Daily Life I





3 Daily Life II



4 Places ∙Place

에 가다


지시 표현[이, 그, 저] 


Buying Things

∙items at a store

∙Korean numbers

∙Chinese-Korean numbers

이/가 있다/없다

6 Daily Schedule



∙daily schedule



7 Life in Korea





8 Food





9 Holidays


∙holiday activities

∙-(으)ㄹ 것이다
∙-고 싶다
10 Weather and Season



∙seasonal characteristics & activities


Beginner 2
Unit Unit Name Vocabulary Grammar
1 Self-Introduction



∙-고 있다

∙-(으)ㄴ 후에

∙-(으)려고 하다

2 Location



∙go toward

∙에 있다


∙-(으)면 안 되다

3 Leisure Activities

∙leisure activities


∙-(으)러 가다

∙-(으)ㄹ 때

∙-는 것

4 Health


∙health condition


∙-아도/어도/여도 되다

∙-(으)면 안 되다





∙-(으)면 좋겠다


6 Family


∙honorific words


∙-아/어/여 주다/드리다

7 Travel

∙travel destination

∙-아/어/여 보다



8 Clothes Shopping



∙-는/(으)ㄴ 것 같다


9 Congratulations ∙ Consolation


∙things to congratulate someone for

∙things to console someone for 


∙-(으)ㄹ 것이다
10 Saying Hello

∙catching up






Intermediate 1
Unit Unit Name Vocabulary Grammar
1 First Meeting

Reasons for Joining

∙How To Join And Activities
∙Member Status
∙Types of Meetings
2 Change In The Weather
∙Weather and Nature
∙-(으)ㄹ 것 같다
3 New Life
∙Place To Live
∙Eating Methods
∙Food Ingredients And Food
∙-(으)ㄴ 지 되다
∙-게 되다
4 My Tendencies
∙Personality And Tendencies
∙-(으)ㄴ/는 편이다


Travel Planning
∙Types of Trips
∙Preparations For A Trip
∙The Characteristics of The Travel Destination
∙-기로 하다
6 Purchasing Daily Necessities
∙Daily Necessities
∙Features of the Products
∙-(으)ㄹ 줄 알다/모르다
7 Someone Special To Me
∙Human Relationship
∙Meeting and Parting
∙Features of the Person You Like
∙-(으)ㄴ 적이 있다/없다
∙-다 보니까
8 Daily Changes
∙External Change
∙Feelings of Change
∙-아/어/여 보이다
∙-아/어/여 있다
9 Embarrassing Situation
∙Embarrassing Situation
∙-나 보다/(으)ㄴ가 보다
∙-(으)ㄹ 뻔하다
10 Living Expensese Management

∙Income and Expenses

∙Items on Living Expenses

∙Consumption Habits

∙-한국어의 문어(-다)


Intermediate 2
Unit Unit Name Vocabulary Grammar
1 People






2 Weather and Life


∙weather related expressions





3 Exchange∙Refund

∙product defects

∙reason why products cannot be returned

∙causative vocabulary



∙사동 표현

4 Housekeeping

∙household work

∙mending & fixing

∙-(으)ㄹ 뿐만 아니라

∙-느라고 –는데

∙-는 둥 마는 둥



∙company & divisions

∙business routines

∙-(으)ㅁ, -(으)ㄹ 것



∙-고 생각하다

6 Language and Culture

∙idiomatic expressions related to body parts




∙이중 부정

7 Stress


∙stress symptoms

∙stress relief

∙-에다가 –까지

∙-아/어/여 가다

∙-(으)ㄴ 척하다

8 Memory



∙memories of childhood & school days


∙-고는 하다


∙은/는커녕, -기는커녕

9 Travel Impressions

∙things to do on a travel destination

∙features of the travel destination

∙thought on travel

∙-는/-(으)ㄴ 김에

∙-아/어/여 보니


10 Marriage

∙dating and wedding

∙marriage preparation


∙-는 데에


11 Enjoying Performances

∙well-received performance

∙badly received performance

∙-아/어/여 오다

∙얼마나 –던지

∙-나 마나

12 Education


∙stating the current situation

∙increase/decrease trends


∙-(이)란 을/를 말하다

∙에 따르면

13 Environment

∙environment & pollution

∙effects of environmental pollution

∙measure for environmental pollution




14 Catastrophes∙Disasters

∙natural disaster

∙disaster-related losses

∙feelings & behaviors


∙-(으)ㄴ 나머지


15 Computer∙Internet

∙internet connection

∙computer related terminologies

∙using computers and the problems

∙-는/(으)ㄴ 대로

∙-든지 –든지

∙-기만 하면



Advanced 1
Unit Unit Name Vocabulary Grammar
1 A Life Of Service

∙ Person in need of help

∙ Where help is needed

∙ Contents of Help

∙ Changes in donation methods

∙다만, 제발, 설마
2 A Healthy Life

∙ Body organs

∙ Function of body organs

∙ Disease

∙ Nutrition and food

∙ Health threat factors

∙-는 셈 치고
3 Interview

∙ Reason for application

∙ Personal strengths and weaknesses

∙ Career or specialty

∙ Future plan

∙-ㄴ 만큼
4 Sports

∙ Sports games

∙ Participants in sports

∙ Result of the game

∙ Game method

∙ Advantages of sports

∙-락 –락 하다


Korean Poems



6 Science in Everyday Life

∙ Basic terminology regarding chemistry, physics, and genetics basic terminology

∙ Changes in objects

∙-게 마련이다
7 City and People

∙ Where you live

∙ Characteristics of a city

∙ Urban description

∙ Conditions of a good city to live in

∙-다가 보면
∙-는 한
8 Economic Life

∙ Types of living expenses

∙ Income management methods

∙ Financial Sense

∙ Economic indicators

∙A라든가 B 같은 C
9 The Word and I

∙ Categorization of world regions

∙ Religion

∙ Race

∙ Occurrence and etymology of the products of  civilization

∙-다고 치다
10 Korean History
∙ Nation and dynasty
∙ Historical figure
∙ Cultural characteristics



Advanced 2
Unit Unit Name Vocabulary Grammar
1 Life
∙the different periods of life
∙the ups and downs of life
∙one's view of life
∙Self-improvement and career exploration
2 Korean's mindset
∙the propensity of Korean
∙Korean consciousness

∙-ㄹ 대로

∙-랴 -랴

3 South Korea and North Korea
∙the difference between South and North Korea
∙the process of division
∙the harmful effect of division
∙pre-determined tasks for the unification



4 Education ∙educational problems
∙goals and outcomes of education
∙the desirable direction of education
∙proverbs about education

∙-니 -니



Korean Novel



6 Democratization and Industrialization
∙the type of industries
∙changes in economic commercialization
∙economic events
∙political events
∙-ㅁ에도 불구하고

∙-ㄹ 바에야

7 Invention and Discovery
∙the significance of invention and discovery
∙the evaluation of inventions and discoveries
∙the prospects for a future society from inventions and discovery



8 Pop Culture
∙public reaction to popular culture
∙the characteristics of popular culture
∙the functions of popular culture
∙message delivery method of popular culture


∙-냐 -냐

9 Changing Society
∙family forms
∙the causes of the family's diversified form.
∙causes and problems of low birth rate
∙the characteristics and countermeasures of an aging society

∙-다손 치더라도

∙-ㄹ 리 만무하다

10 World Heritage Sites
∙the types of cultural heritages
∙the status of cultural heritage
∙the background of cultural heritage
∙the characteristics and feelings of cultural heritage
∙the value of cultural heritage