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Program Content

Time Table

Time Table
Period Class Hours MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT
1 9:00 ~ 9:50 Korean 1 Field Trip
2 10:00 ~ 10:50
3 11:10 ~ 12:00 Korean 2
4 12:10 ~ 13:00
5 13:50 ~ 14:40 Elective Class or Cultural Activity
6 14:50 ~ 15:40

Korean Integrated Class

  • Monday-Friday, 4 hours a day (9:00~13:00)
  • Textbook: Fun Fun Korean
  • Korean 1: Topic-related vocabulary and grammar through speaking
  • Korean 2: Focuses on topic-related functions of Korean (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)
Korean Integrated Class
Level Subjects and contents of Korean Class Level-Based Activity
Beginner Learning Korean expressions for basic activities such as greetings, introductions, shopping, ordering food, and asking directions Topic Presentation
Intermediate Understanding Korean expressions for social topics such as jobs, characteristics, date, shape of objects, affairs, appreciation, and school life Interview Presentation
Advanced Understanding Korean expressions for complicated subjects such as polotics, economics, society, culture, and international affairs Media Presentation

Elective Class

  • Classes selected by students
  • 2 classes per week (13:50 ~ 15:40)
  • Textbook: Audiovisual aids and handouts
  • Electives may cancel if there are too few applicants.
Elective Class
Subject Level Contents
Practical Korean Beginner & Intermediate Situation-based conversation exercise
Vocabulary·Grammar Beginner & Intermediate Learning various meanings and usages of vocabulary and grammar
Media Korean Intermediate and above Learning society issue in Korea and discussion with media

Special Activities

Field Trips on Saturdays

Students visit famous tourist attractions and historic sites on weekends to experience Korean culture.

Cultural Experiences on weekdays

In the afternoon after Korean language classes, students participate in a variety of activities, such as playing traditional games, doing crafts, and visiting an ice rink.

Meeting with Student Helpers

KLC students meet with KU student helpers. International learners get the opportunity to develop friendships with Korean students by enjoying fun activities together and talking about Korean language and life.