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Agreement/Commissioned Program

Special Korean Language and Culture Programs for Groups

Apart from the regular programs, KLC offers special programs for groups with specific needs. Especially, a number of diverse programs are available for groups who wish to study during summer holidays or school vacations. KLC currently offers special programs for universities in foreign countries along with Korean Language Teacher Training Program of the King Sejong Institute. Other programs, tailored specifically to your group's needs, can be arraged upon request.

  • The Korean Language Training Program for Students from the Americans and Europe
  • Intensive Korean Language Programs for Students of Japanese Universities
  • Special Korean Language Programs for Students from Hong Kong and Singapore

Intensive Language and Culture Programs for Learners with Specific Purposes

The KLC offers intensive Korean language and culture programs for specific occupational and academic purposes, in addition to general purpose.

  • KFOP, sponsored by the US Government
  • KIKU (Korean Immersion at Korea University): Intensive Korean Language and Culture Program