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Greetings from Director

Encounter Korea and the world at Korea University’s Korean Language Center (KLC), cradle of Korean language and culture education!

Korea University, with over one hundred years of history and tradition, invites you under the banner of “KU-The Future." I also invite you to be proactive in your life by taking the initiative to join us at the KLC, which has played a leading role in the rapid transformation of Korea University into an international, world-class institution.

The challenging spirit of Korea University is alive at KLC, which is rapidly rising to become the world’s leading Korean language education institution. KLC offers a dynamic learning environment where Koreans and people from six continents interact, experience and mutually benefit. Throughout the KLC’s 30-year history, it has consistently promoted the global dissemination of Korean language and culture.

The KLC offers a scientific, rational and systematic learner-centered curriculum, an outstanding faculty composed of Korean education professionals, and various programs through which students experience Korean culture. Our Center endeavors to be as creative and innovative as the very Hangeul writing system we teach. KLC alumni around the world continue to widen their and our involvement in the international community as experts on Korea and share ongoing friendships as part of the broader Korea University family.

To all citizens of the world who harbor an interest in and affection for Korea and its language and culture: Welcome to KLC at Korea University! The most outstanding programs and specialists await you.

Thank you.

Institute of Foreign Language Studies