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What kind of documents do I need to submit to apply to the KLC?
  • Required Documents
    1. Application form
    2. Certificate of graduation or proof of enrollment for the final school (original)
    3. A copy of passport
    4. Two photos(3x4cm)
    5. Bank statement: Balance over USD10,000 (If the bank statement belongs to the applicant’s parents, additional documents must be attached to prove the relationship between the applicant and the bank statement holder) or Reference (The surety must be an employed Korean 20 years of age or older residing in Korea; proof of employment or a copy of business license of the surety must be submitted with a notarized reference)

    As required documents vary depending on the applicant’s nationality, please contact us by e-mail.

Are there any qualifications to apply for the KLC?
Those with at least a high school diploma or equivalent education can apply.
What are the procedures to enrolled for the program?
Submit your application, required documents, and tuition fee → Obtain a letter of acceptance → Prepare documents for a visa application (contact Korean embassies and legations abroad in the applicant’s country for inquiries) → Apply for a visa → Obtain a visa

It generally takes approximately one month from application to visa acquisition, but this time can vary depending on the applicant’s nationality.

Can I fax the appliation form and required documents?
You can fax them, but the original graduation certificate (or proof of enrollment) and bank statement (or reference) are required for the application. You must send those documents along with two photos to the KLC by mail.
When will I receive the letter of acceptance?
Upon the receipt of all required documents, tuition, and admission fee, we will send an e-mail to inform you of the completion of the enrollment procedure. After notification, a letter of acceptance will be sent by regular mail. If you want to receive it by EMS, you must send us the EMS cost KRW 15,000 in advance. The account number for an EMS payment is different from that for tuition payment.
Can I pay the admission fee and tuition fee after arriving in Korea for the program?
Unfortunately, the admission and tuition fees must be paid before the deadline. If you need a Hana Bank code when sending money from your country to Korea, please contact our office.
Are there any tuition fee reductions?
  • KLC Fee Reduction Policy
    • KU students: 20% tuition fee reduction
    • Diplomats and public officials dispatched by foreign government agencies, and their families: 20% tuition fee reduction
    • If siblings or a married couple take courses simultaneously: 10% tuition fee reduction for each student
    • Children of KU alumni or faculty & staff: 10% tuition fee reduction
    • KU international instructors: 50% tuition fee reduction
If I cannot attend the program, can I get a refund?
  • Enrollment can be canceled if applicants are unable to attend due to their personal reason after completing the registration process.
    • For enrollment cancellation, students must submit required documents.
      (a completed withdrawal form, a copy of bank book, proof of departure or transfer)
    • If enrollment is canceled, tuition fees will be returned according to the cancellation policy.
Are there any scholarships available to KLC students?
There are no entrance scholarships available to new students. However, we do select approximately 3% of all of our students as scholarship students at the end of each semester. If you want to learn more about scholarships for international students or overseas Koreans, please visit the Korea Foundation or the KOICA website.
Can I stay in a dormitory?
Students in the Short-term Summer Intensive Program, the Youth Summer Camp, and the Special Korean Training Program for Japanese (Summer 1) can stay in the Anam Dormitory, but others cannot stay in KU dormitories. Other options for accommodation include boarding houses, studios, or gosiwons. You can find housing information in the “Housing” section on the KLC website.
Can I apply for a certificate of completion on the internet?
Yes. Simply download a certificate application form from the website, and send a completed application form to korean@korea.ac.kr by e-mail. After sending an application, you need to send the certificate fee and mailing cost (Your name must be used when sending money). Domestic and international mailing fees are KRW 2,000, and KRW 15,000, respectively (We use registered mail for domestic mailing, and EMS for international mailing).
What amenities does the school have?
Right next to the International Studies Hall are the Twosome Place cafe and a convenience store. The Central Square also has a convenience store, a health center, a stationery store, a bookstore, and coffee shops. There is a post office in front of the International Studies Hall, and a bank next to the Woodang Hall.
Can I use Korea University's libraries?
Yes. If you want to use a library, you need to visit the Information Center on the first floor of the library with a student ID, which is issued a week after the starting date, and get a bar code. Those who are enrolled in regular programs (10 week programs) can access KU’s libraries and borrow books. Students in other programs can only access the libraries.
Can I use the internet at school?
Yes, you can. Computers for KLC students are installed in the second floor lobby in the International Studies Hall.
Prepaid Card
If you do not have an ARC and have restrictions on issuing bank cards, you can purchase the following prepaid card:

Guide link: https://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/TRP/ENG_namaneCard.jsp# (Korea Tourism Organization English Website)