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Application Procedure

Application Eligibility

Overseas Koreans or international citizens with a high school diploma or equivalent academic ability

Application Procedure

Application Procedure

* It generally takes approximately a month to process a visa application. The period of visa issuance is different from countries. Please inquiry about visa issuance at the Korean Embassy or Consulate Office in your residence.

* Depending on the situation, the Document Examination and Revision takes about 1~2 weeks from the day the center receives the documents. The announced application schedule is the deadline for completion of tuition payment after document review, so please submit the documents at least two to four weeks before the deadline for a well-ordered registration process.



How to Apply

Submit the completed application form along with other required documents to KLC by post or in person

Required Application Materials

Submitted documents will not be returned. Please check whether the document may not be issued(ex. Diploma).

All documents that are not written in Korean, English, Japanese or Chinese should be submitted with a certified translation in Korean or English before submission.

There may be additional document requests whilst reviewing.

When forged or false documents are submitted, your registration may be canceled.

Vietnamese, Mongolian, and Uzbek applicants are required to register for 4 terms(1 year), and please contact us by e-mail for the required documents of Monglian applicants.



For those who do not apply for a student visa (Basic Required Document)
General Requirements


Type of
Explanation Original Copy
1 Application form Please download the application form from the KUKLC website and fill it in, print it, and sign it.
*KUKLC website: https://klc.korea.ac.kr/klckor/course/regular_guide.do
2 Admission Fee Receipt Must provide a receipt or deposit confirmation certificate with remittance date and name of remitter in order  to confirm the remittance amount.   1
3 ID photo 3.5cm*4.5cm sized color ID photo 2  
4 Copy of
One copy of the applicant’s passport   1
5 Proof of latest academic background
(high school and above)
Please submit documents to prove the applicant’s latest academic background with ① an apostille or ② a notarization by the embassy (the Korean Embassy in the region of the school or the foreign embassy in Korea)
[Proof of latest academic background (examples)]
  • High school graduate: High school diploma with an original apostille or a notarization by the Korean Embassy (original)
  • Undergraduate university student: High school diploma with an original apostille or a notarization by the Korean Embassy (Original) + Certificate of school enrollment from university (Copy)
  • University graduate: Diploma or graduation certificate with an original apostille or a notarization by the Korean Embassy (Original)

All documents may not be returned once submitted

If you have graduated from a school in China, please submit a document that is certified by the Ministry of Education in China. (Please refer to the ‘Required Application Materials for Chinese Applicants’ category on the KUKLC website> Regular Program> Application Procedure.)
1 each  
For those who would apply for a student visa (D-4-1 Visa)

-  Applicants who wants to receive a Certificate of Admission must  apply at least 2 semesters(6 months) at once.

-  Mongolian, Uzbek, Vietnamese students must apply for at least 4 semesters(12 months) at once.

General Requirements
No. Type of
Explanation Original Copy
1~5 General requirements listed above Application form, Admission Fee Receipt, ID photos, Copy of passport, and Proof of latest academic background    
6 Bank statement (Minimum balance of KRW 10,000,000) - Bank statement issued within a month about the applicant’s own
  • If you submit the bank statement regarding your parent’s account, please submit a copy of a legal document that proves your relationship with the account holder
  • We may only accept documents that were originally signed or stamped by the bank (submission through email or photocopied documents would be rejected)
  • (Vietnam) ➀ Bank statement of a minimum balance of KRW 10,000,000 (The balance must have been maintained for at least three months) ➁ ‘Confirmation of account balance for foreign study expenses’ required
  • (Uzbekistan) Bank statement written by a Korean bank in Uzbekistan with a minimum balance of KRW 10,000,000 (The balance must have been maintained for at least three months)
7 Other documents (Required according to personal circumstances of applicant)
  • Gap certificate: If more than six months have passed after your latest graduation (or latest school enrollment), please submit documents that may prove your activities during the period.
  • Currently employed applicants: Certificate of employment, Explanatory statement of foreign studies
  • If you have background experience studying in Korea, you should submit relevant proof.
  • For any other special situations, please contact us by email and submit relevant documents.

Proof of financial support 

(21 countries notified by the Ministry of Justice, ROK)

* Students from countries with mandatory notifications (Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Iran, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines) must provide a document proving parents' financial support for applicants' study abroad expenses.

* Even if a student is not from one of the included countries, additional requests can be made during document examination

Documents that may prove the financial support for the academic expenses provided by the applicant’s parents


1. Certificate of Family relations / birth certificate
2. A copy of the parents' passport
   - Copy ID in case parents don't have a passport
3. Certificate of employment of parents (must state the position and duration of employment)
4. Parents' income certificate (must state monthly salary indication)
   - Submission of business registration certificate and income certification data if parents run a business
9 Reference (Only needed when requested by KUKLC during application document review)
  • 1. Reference by Korean guarantor (notarization)
    • Qualification for the Korean guarantor: One of ages 20 and over whose nationality is Korean, lives in Korea, and has a job.
  • 2. Certificate of employment of guarantor (Original)
    • In cases of entrepreneurs, please submit a copy of the business registration certificate.

Required Application Materials for Chinese Applicants

Required Application Materials for Chinese Applicants
No. Item Note Original Copy
1 Application form Download the application form at the KLC website 1  
2 ID photo Size: 3.5cm x 4.5cm, White background 4  
3 Copy of passport     1
4 Academic
Certification Document
  1. University graduate: High school graduation certificate, University graduation certificate, copy of academic transcript
  2. Undergraduate: High school graduation certificate, General certificate of education, Certificate of Enrollment
  3. High school graduate: High school graduation certificate, General certificate of education

 Apply at www.chsi.com.cn, submit original documents.

If applicants graduated in a country besides China, their diplomas or degrees must be certified by the Korean Consul in that country or a consul of that country in Korea.

Applicants are requested to send only a copy of their diplomas. To prevent the risk of loss of the document, we do not accept original diplomas.

1 1
5 Copy of Hogubu

Bank Statement
(Minimum balance

of KRW 10,000,000)

Bank statements must be issued within one calendar month prior to application. To be valid, the minimum balance must have been maintained for at least six months.

If the bank statement belongs to the applicant’s parents, notarized proof of kinship or a copy of the Family Hogubu must be submitted.

1 1
7 Other
(if applicable)
* Other documents besides the above
  • Employed Applicants: Career certificated and reasons to study abroad.
  • If there is other significant information to report, submit the relevant documents after inquiry.
  • If applicants have studied in Korea, submit the relevant documents.
  • If applicants have anything significant, submit the relevant documents after contacting us.
  • If applicants submit false papers or inform false, their admissions are cancelled.
  • We may require additional documents for screening, and submitted documents will not be returned.


Tuition Fees

  • Admission Fee: KRW 120,000 (non-refundable) 
  • Tuition per semester
    • General Korean Course, Academic Korean Course, Online Korean Course, Top-Level Course: KRW 1,800,000/semester
      • Pay extra expense for teaching materials (KRW 39,000~46,000 depending on the level)
      • Tuition fees are adjusted annually in the spring semester. Even if there are pre-registered students, tuition fees will be settled after the year’s tuition is determined.

Payment Method

  • Both tuition and application fees can be paid by electronic transfer to KLC’s bank account at KEB Hana Bank under the name ‘IFLS, Korea University’.
  • Please make sure to inform us if the payment sender’s name is someone other than the student.
  • Applicants are responsible for all remittance charges.
Bank Address
Bank Name KEB Hana Bank, Kodae Branch
Bank Address 145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 02841, Korea
Account Name 고려대학교 국제어학원 (IFLS,Korea University)
Account Number 391-810002-32904

Fee Reduction Policy

  • Students are eligible for a fee reduction if they meet one of the following conditions.
  • If a student is eligible for more than one discount, the higher discount will apply.
    • 20% reduction for students currently attending Korea University
    • 20% reduction for foreign diplomats and government officials residing in Korea and their family members dispatched to Korea by their country’s government
    • 10% reduction for immediate family members who sign up for the same term
    • 10% reduction for children of Korea University employees and alumni

Postponement and Cancellation

Postponement and Cancellation
  • If a student is unable to participate in our program for personal reasons after completing the enrollment procedure, his/her enrollment can be postponed once if the reason for postponement is submitted by a day before the program starting date.
  • If the student does not attend school in the designated semester, his/her enrollment will be canceled and tuition fees will not be returned.
  • Enrollment cannot be postponed without a visa.
  • Enrollment can be canceled if applicants are unable to attend due to their personal reason after completing the registration process.
  • For enrollment cancellation, students must submit required documents.
    (a completed withdrawal form, a copy of bank book, proof of departure or transfer)
  • If enrollment is canceled, tuition fees will be returned according to the cancellation policy.
  • In case that visa is not accepted, applicants can get a full refund (except the admission fee) with the submission of withdrawal form until a day before the program starting date.


Period Refund Amount

Mornig Class/Afternoon Class

(Level 1~6)

Before class begins 1,750,000
Week 1 ~ 4
(20 Days)
Day 1 ~ 7 1,516,667
Day 8 ~ 10 1,400,000
Day 11 ~ 20 1,050,000
Week 5 ~ 8
(20 Days)
Day 21~27 816,667
Day 28 ~ 30 700,000
Day 31 ~ 40 350,000
Week 9 ~ 10
(10 Days)
Day 41 ~ 50 0
  • "Days" above refer to "Class Days."
  • The admission fee is non-refundable.
  • Tuition is adjusted in the spring of every year. For this reason, those who paid in advance must also pay the difference after the adjustments are made.

On-campus Dormitory

The Frontier Hall, a new on-campus dormitory is avilable for new students who enrolled in the Regular Program only.

On-campus Dormitory
Classification Frontier Hall in the Anam Campus, Doule-occupancy
Application Period The application period will be announced on the KLC website separately 30 to 45days prior to the starting date.
How to Apply Apply at the K:C website →Check the Accpetance →Pay the dormitory fee
Dormitory Fee KRW 1,200,000 / 1 term
  • room with attached bathroom, shower, air conditioning, heating, desk, closet, and bed
  • laundry room, reading room, seminar room, convenience store, dry cleaner’s, and restaurant