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Inquiries about the application

Can I aquire a visa?

- No, we cannot offer a visa since it is an online program.


Can I register for several terms at once?

No, please apply for each term during the designated application period.


I finished the registration, what's the next?

- We'll send the payment information via email after the application period is over.


I've taken a course before, can I enroll the next level?

- Yes, you can continue the course following the previous level.

- You can take a placement test again if you want.

Can I transfer the tuition in dollar (USD) or yen (JPY), not in won (KRW)?

- Yes you can, but please calculate the exchange rate to be the exact amount.


What if my bank requires an invoice?

- Please contact us via email (korean@korea.ac.kr).


Inquiries about classes

Is there any test?

- There is no test.


What are the requirements for completion?

- You have to attend over 70% of classes.