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About KLC

About KLC

The KLC is a specialized educational institution of Korean language and culture. It was established on March 1 in 1986 with the goal of introducing the Korean language and culture to the world in line with the rising status of South Korea. Approximately 90,000 international students and overseas Koreans have attended KLC training programs to learn about Korean language, society, and culture. Currently, approximately 10,000 students are participating in Korean language and culture training programs.

KLC graduates note that the program is widely recognized around the world for its systematic curriculum that reflects the diverse needs of learners, excellent faculty members who majored in Korean language education, superb teaching materials that reflect the characteristics of the Korean language, effective and modern teaching methods, and friendly classroom atmosphere.

Equipped for 21st-century language learning with a state-of-the-art educational environment and multimedia facilities, the KLC leads in Korean language education through a consistent focus on the development of more efficient teaching methods and materials. It also strives to offer learners from around the world an enjoyable experience in learning the Korean language.

About KLC
Face-to-face Korean
Language Education
The KLC teaches face-to-face Korean programs using in-house teaching materials developed from deep expertise as a Korean language educational institute. The systematic curriculum is tailored to learners’ proficiency levels and experience.
Learning Environment
and Multimedia
All lectures are held in approximately thirty small classrooms exclusively dedicated to Korean language education. Video classrooms equipped with a large screen, computer classrooms, and medium and large auditoriums also provide various learning opportunities. The program also boasts an audiovisual room filled with diverse language teaching materials, and a café-style computer lounge where students can watch satellite broadcasting and browse the Internet.
Korean Education
The instructors of the KLC are Korean language education professionals. They develop and apply Korean teaching methods through the study of theories on language education and the characteristics of the Korean language, and through the careful consideration of the nature of real-world education.
Authentic Korean
Culture Experiences
The KLC responds to students’ learning needs and expectations by providing not only classroom education but also various cultural experience programs to help students understand and feel authentic Korean ways of life. By watching traditional art performances, making ceramics, and learning taekwondo, calligraphy, and samulnori, KLC students are able to understand the past, present, and future of Korea. Through its connection with the KU Student Helper Club, the KLC also aids students in navigating life in Korea.