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Application Procedure



※ Students will be responsible for all transaction costs related to depositing the tuition fee and should remit the exact amount in KRW. 

※ In case of closure due to insufficient minimum number of students, the entire tuition including admission fees will be refunded.


Application Submission
Class Type Term Application Period Link
Weekend Course 2st 29 Jan 2024 ~ 08 Feb 2024


 For the [Visa Status] Admission Letter, select 'NO' and write N/A for the reason

Classification Tuition Note
New student KRW 400,000

Admission fee (KRW 60,000) included

Re-enrollment KRW 340,000

For those who have attended the KLC program, within one year


If any of the following tuition discounts apply to you, please consult in advance (Email: korean@korea.ac.kr). 
ⓐ Korea University (KU) students 
ⓑ KU graduates or children of KU alumni / children of KU faculty or staff members 
ⓒ Foreign diplomats and government officials residing in Korea and their families
ⓓ Two or more immediate family members who are taking classes at the same time


Placement Test

- 1:1 interviews will be conducted through Zoom (approximately 10 minutes). 
- Students are assigned to classes that suit their Korean language skills.



Cancellation and Refund


- Course registration may be canceled only if it is recognized by the director of IFLS. 

- In case of cancellation of registration, an application for cancellation and related evidential documents must be submitted.

- In case of cancellation, tuition fees are refunded in accordance with the refund regulations.


Classification Tuition Fee Admission Fee
Class cancelled

Full refund

Full refund

Before the class started Full refund No refund
After the class started 1/3 of the way into the course 2/3 refund of tuition

No refund

1/2 of the way into the course 1/2 refund of tuition

No refund

after 1/2 of the course No refund No refund


※ Please refer to the FAQ page <Click here>  in the first instance and get in touch if your question is not answered there.

Email: klc_special@korea.ac.kr