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Faculty/Student Helpers


Students in the KU-KFOP program select and take undergraduate or graduate level major courses at Korea University in order to learn Korean for academic purposes. Through Korean-mediated classes and individual or collaborative presentations, students are able to enhance their Korean proficiency and knowledge of their field of study.

KU-KFOP Office : +82-2-3290-2633 / kfop.tlf@gmail.com

Study Helpers

Along with the establishment of the KU-KFOP program, Student Helpers composed of KU undergraduate and graduate students are recruited to assist its students in their study (Korean and major courses) and internship activities. 
 Language Helpers

Language Helpers play a role in enhancing the language proficiency of KU-KFOP students. They have regular meetings with individual KU-KFOP students, and assist students throughout the entire course of the program, including their understanding of various Korean pending issues (such as the environment, gender issues, politics, North Korea, and international diplomacy), and the improvement of their discussion skills.


Tutors are selected from KU undergraduate and graduate students who are taking the same major courses as KU-KFOP students or who have completed those courses with good grades. They have regular meetings with individual KU-KFOP students to aid them in their Korean language skills. Also they help students improve their Korean language skills according to their individual Korean language ability.