<Mask pick-up for KLC students>


The city of Seoul offers masks for foreign students who have difficulty buying public masks.

Please refer to the information below, as we plan to distribute masks to KLC students as follows.


Pick-up Schedule for each level

     Please visit at your designated time or you may not get a mask.


Apr. 27th(Mon.)

Apr. 28th(Tue.)

Apr. 29th(Wed.)


Level 1,2,3

(Afternoon class)

Level 4,5

(Afternoon class)

For those who have not received masks on 27th or 28th

2:00 P.M~5:00P.M

Level 1,2,3

(Morning class)

Level 4,5,6

(Morning class)


Location (Where to pick up)

Korean Language Center Parking lot


Preparation material

Identification Card (Alien Registration Card, Passport or Student ID card)

 Students without Identification cant get a mask.



1.       As the quantity is limited, we will check your identity thoroughly. It's not possible to get one on behalf of your friend.

2.       Students who cannot meet the schedule above can have one after offline class begins.

3.       Students in the morning class should visit in the afternoon and those in the afternoon class, in the morning.