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KLC CI Design Contest



  • “KLC along with the world”
    • Creating a symbol CI/logo featuring the characteristics of the Korean language center
    • Creating a symbol CI/logo that can represent the operational goal and symbolism of the Korean Language Center

Entry Format

-  Eligibility for application: Individuals or organizations interested in the Korean language center (applications are available worldwide)

-  Submit your work in the form of jpg, ai file, or url with access to the file (specify font, color, etc.)

-  How to apply: Submitting a Google forms (you can also upload a file)

    * Multiple works can be submitted *The award is limited to one work*  

    * Google forms Link

  • Deadline: Wednesday, July, 19, 2023  23:59 (Korean Time)


      1. 1st place (1 team/individual) 1,000,000 KRW

      2. 2nd place (2 teams/individuals) 500,000 KRW
      3. 3rd palce (5 teams/individuals) Gift card of 50,000 KRW
      4. Prizes are subject to change depending on the contest's progress
  -  Awards Ceremony:  September 9, 2023 (Fri)(Can also change)
              *Participants living overseas can participate online


Please contact us for any help.